—August 2011—

The State of Learning Disabilities by Candace Cortiella

Study Sheds Light on Auditory Role in Dyslexia by Pam Belluck, New York Times

—July 2011—

Teacher Influence Persists in Early Grades (Science Daily)

Kids With ADHD Less Adept at Crossing the Street: Study (U.S. News & World Report)

Accentuating the positive may eliminate the negative in teenagers with anxiety (University of Oxford)

—June 2011—

Dyscalculia: A Condition that Doesn't Add Up by Jane M. Wolkowicz (Chicago, IL)

Childhood ADHD Linked to Later Risk of Drug Abuse (WebMD)

Bills Would Add Dyslexia to Learning-Disabilities List (Columbus, OH)

—May 2011—

Report Probes the Future of Special Education (Education Week)

CDC: Developmental Disabilities Affect 1 In 7 U.S. Kids (NPR)

Trudie Styler on Living with ADHD and Dyslexia: Don't Give Up, Do Reach Out (Huffington Post)

Scout the Lab Helps Children with Speech Difficulties, Special Needs (Missoula, MT)

Studies Home in on 'Quieter' ADD Students (Education Week)

Speed Bumps on the Way to an ADHD Diagnosis (New York Times)

Revisiting ADHD and Ritalin (LA Times)

The Thing ADHD Kids Crave the Most Is... (ADDitude Magazine)

Senate Bill Would Increase Federal Support for RTI (Education Week)

Fixated by Screens, but Seemingly Nothing Else (New York Times)

—April 2011—

Education Secretary Answers Teachers' Special Ed. Questions (Education Week)

Kids with ADHD More Likely to Use Drugs, Analysis Finds (USA Today)

Mainstreaming Special Needs Students: How ADHD and Non-ADHD Parents Can Help (ADDitude Magazine)

FDA Holds Off On New Heart Warnings for ADHD Medicines (NPR)

Justices Seek U.S. Views on Special Education Case (Education Week)

Federal Government to Let Alabama Cut Spending For Special Education (Alabama)

What to Do If Your Student Has a Learning Disability and Is Headed To College (Maryland)

Making Peace with Adult ADD Diagnosis, Symptoms (ADDitude Magazine)

FDA Panel Says Food Dyes Don't Cause Hyperactivity (NPR)

Does Special Education Review Process Work? (New York)

Opinion: Coaching the LD Student (Inside Higher Ed)

Special Education Challenges in DC, and Everywhere (Education Week)

—March 2011—

A Closer Look: Diet's Role in Treating ADHD Debated (Los Angeles Times)

IEP Process a Time for Parents to Advocate for Child by Michelle Reese, East Valley Tribune (AZ)

Dyslexia Program Took Student to the Head of the Class by Ann Richardson, Shore News Today (NJ)

Scholarships for ADHD and LD Students (ADDitude Magazine)

Experts Say RTI's Use May Outrun Its Research Base by Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week

Predicting ADHD Risk From Birth by Ann Lukits, Wall Street Journal

Not Enough Sleep Disruptive for ADHD Kids by Rick Nauert, PhD, Psych Central

Districts Must Walk a Fine Line to Fund RTI Programs by Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week

—February 2011—

Rival Plans Out on Kansas Special Education Funding

For Autistic Children, a School's Coffee Shop Imparts Skills While Raising Money by Winnie Hu, New York Times

Studies Point to New Way to Identify ADHD by Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week

Helping the Teenager with ADHD (New York Times)

States Expected to Seek Special Ed. Funding Waivers (Education Week)

Does ADHD Come from Foods? (CNN Health)

RTI Can't Delay Special Education Evaluations, Feds Say (Education Week)

Opinion: Instead of Memorizing Facts, Our Kids Need Real Education (Baltimore Sun)

Educating Different Types of Learners (Daily Bruin (CA))

Helping Teens with ADHD Become Better Drivers (The Spectrum (NY))

Speech Language Clinicians Connect with Telepractice

—January 2011—

Finding Efficiencies in Special Education Programs (Education Week)

Helping ADHD Children Master Time (ADDitude Magazine)

UK: Driving with Dyspraxia (The Telegraph)

Learning with Disabilities by Abby Goodnough, New York Times

Study Finds Special Educators Get Less Mentoring (Education Week)

Acclaimed Children’s Books Have Few Characters with Disabilities (Provo, UT)

Report: D.C. Special Education Better, but 'Core Problems' Linger (Washington Post)

—December 2010—

Special Educators Look to Tie IEPs to Common Core (Education Week)

Institute Helps Dyslexics Make Grade (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Brain Activity Pattern Signals Ability to Compensate for Dyslexia (NIH News)

New Industry Standard Promises Accessibility for Assessments (Education Week)

On The Cutting Edge of Dyslexia (New Bedford, MA)

Untangling the Myths About Attention Disorder by Perri Klass, M.D., New York Times

Children, Adults with Non-verbal Learning Disorder Develop Strategies for Using Talents, Navigating Around Deficits  (New Jersey)

Education Department's Special-Ed Help Mostly Goes to the City's Rich (New York Daily News)

Detroit Schools Grow Special Education Plan by Marisa Schultz, The Detroit News

At Galindo Elementary School, Special Education Students Shine in Integrated Classrooms (Austin American-Statesman)

Attention Deficit Presented From a Mother's Perspective in 'Distracted' (Grand Rapids Press)

Opinion: Legislature Will Have a Chance to Control Controversial Chemical by Gene J. Kucinkas, Jr. (Portland, ME)

8 Steps for Learning Disabled Students Who Want to Go to College by Kim Clark, US News and World Report

Dallas' Shelton School to Mark 35 Years of Helping Kids with Learning Disabilities by Nancy Visser, Dallas Morning News

I’m Dyspraxic, Not Useless by Maxine Frances Roper, Guardian UK

Learning Disabled Put In Extra Effort by Stephen Green, The Houstonian

—November 2010—

For ADHD, lots of snake oil, but no miracle cure by Katherine Ellison, Washington Post

Newborn Nicotine Exposure Linked to LD, Study Says by Paul Hamaker, Birmingham Science News Examiner

Scientists Link ADHD Gene to Daydreaming by Shari Roan, Los Angeles Times

Dyslexia 'The Secret of Da Vinci and Picasso's Success' (United Kingdom)

Technology Helps Students with LD Read Books by Tajuana Cheshier (Jackson, FL)

Research Suggests Link Between 'Handedness' and Dyslexia (HealthDay)

Electric Jolt to Brain Boosts Math Skills by Ker Than, National Geographic

One Million More U.S. Kids Are Diagnosed With Attention Deficit by Pat Wechsler, Bloomberg

Is it Genes? Is it Me? A Mother's Maze through ADHD by Katherine Ellison, Los Angeles Times

The Inner Life of Teenagers with ADHD by Ben Trefny, KALW News (CA)

Train the Brain: Using Neurofeedback to Treat ADHD by Jon Hamilton, NPR

—October 2010—

Okla. Districts Balk at Special Education Vouchers (Education Week)

'Paying Attention' With an ADHD Mother And Son (NPR)

Reading Disability Risk in Girls with ADHD (Education Week)

ADHD-RD Connection Confirmed and Refined (LD Blog)

Opinion: Family Learns Together About Dyslexia by A. Fletcher (North Jefferson, AL)

EDUCATION MATTERS: Learning the Special Ed Alphabet by Dorothy Galo

Opinion: For Special Needs Kids, Race to Top Gives More Questions than Answers

—September 2010—

Castle Loss to Remove Bipartisan K-12 Policy Voice (Education Week)

School Move Complicated by Disability for Military Family by Leanna Landsman, Detroit Free Press

Learning-Disabled Enrollment Dips After Long Climb (Education Week)

Dyslexia Bill Pushes for Pilot Program by Jim Siegel, The Columbus Dispatch

Turning Dyslexia into a Virtue by Martin Schram (Abilene, TX)

Reading it right: Spotting symptoms of dyslexia in children is key to treatment by Katie Charles, New York Daily News

Some Fake ADHD to Get Meds, Special Treatment by Amanda Gardner, HealthDay

Navigating admissions with a learning disability by Jenna Johnson, Washington Post

—August 2010—

Special Education Students Disciplined Twice as Often by Kate Ergenbright, The Texas Tribune

Wealthy Seek Special Ed Cash by Barbara Martinez, Wall Street Journal

Study: Pesticides May Double ADHD Risk by Neil Katz, Health News Blog, CBS

Students with Learning Disabilities Must Advocate for Themselves, Say Experts by Rochelle Stewart Robino, Boston Herald

ADHD: Who Makes the Diagnosis? by Elizabeth Landau, CNN

ADHD Teens More Likely to Drop Out

—July 2010—

High Expectations Set for Special Education Under National Academic Standards by Michelle Diament, Disability Scoop

What Leaving No Child Behind Really Means by Lynda J. Katz

—May 2010—

Research Links Pesticides with ADHD in Children (Washington Post)

Dyslexia Linked to Differences in Brain Circuitry (HealthDay News)

Study: Minority Families Get Less Information about ADHD

Depression Affects Kids as Young as 3 by Kathleen Doheny, WebMD Health News

Teacher Reforms Raise Question: How to Measure Special Ed? (Tampa Tribune)

Percy Jackson's Creator: Children Need Time To Read by Tyra Damm, Dallas Morning News

A Mother's Battle to Educate her Learning Disabled Son by Meryl D. Pearlstein, Family Ties Magazine

Micro-Sculptor Battled Learning Disabilities (ABC7 Chicago)

—April 2010—

Author Profiles Role Models Who Learn Differently (NY1)

Virginia to Launch Standardized Test for Disabled Students (Washington Post)

Massachusetts Lawmakers Expected to Pass Antibullying Legislation Today (Boston Globe)

New York City Pushes Shift for Special Education (New York Times)

Differences in Language Circuits in the Brain Linked to Dyslexia (Vanderbilt University)

Recorded Books Have Found a Broader, Younger Audience (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Little-Known Disorder Can Take a Toll on Learning by Tara-Parker Pope, New York Times

Dallas Children's Theater Presents Play Focused on Difficulties of Dyslexia (Dallas Morning News)

Motivational Incentives Help Kids With ADHD (HealthDay News)

Coaching the Language of Success (New Hampshire Union Leader)

How My Cars Became the Victims of Unmedicated ADHD by Linda Roggli, ADDitude Magazine

Opinion: Defining Learning Disabilities by Miriam Geronimus, Daily Princetonian

Opinion: My iPhone has Revolutionized My Reading by Howard Hill, Guardian UK

Flying with ADHD Children: Is Good Behavior Possible? (ADDitude Magazine)

—March 2010—

Milestone for city schools (Baltimore Sun)

Duncan Vows Tougher Civil Rights Action by Mary Ann Zehr (Education Week)

Salt Lake City Student Uses Music to Cope with Dyslexia (Salt Lake City, UT)

NAEP Board Curbs Special Ed. and ELL Exclusions (Education Week)

2-Year Colleges Help Learning-Disabled Students Break Into Math and Science (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Opinion: What Do You MEAN You're Not Going to College? by Karin Kasdin, The Faster Times

Nudging Schools to Help Students With Learning Disabilities by Walecia Konrad, New York Times

—February 2010—

What to Do if You Suspect Learning Disability by Lesley Alderman, New York Times

Teachers Group Pushes Back Against Proposed Dyslexia Testing Mandate (Madison, WI)

No More ADHD? New Changes to the Guidelines for Diagnosing Children and Adults by Marie Kearl, ADDitude Magazine

'The Sky's the Limit' for Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities (Westport, CT)

ADHD Brain May Be a Little Different (Healthday)

When to Worry if a Child Has Too Few Words by Perri Klass, M.D., New York Times

Studies Reveal Why Kids Get Bullied and Rejected (Fox News)

—January 2010—

Fix Sought for Special-Ed Money in KS by Barbara Hollingsworth, Topeka Capital-Journal

‘Weighing’ students a heavy cost for schools by John Howell, Warwick Beacon (RI)

Special Education Academy Accused of Failing its Students (Hartford Courant - CT)

Mixed-Handedness Puts Kids at Higher Risk for ADHD, Other Learning Problems by Nadja Popovich, NPR

Charters: Students with Disabilities Need Not Apply? by Thomas Hehir, Education Week

School districts spend thousands on litigation over special education by Kari Andren, The Patriot News

Phthalate Chemicals Found in Plastics Linked to ADHD Symptoms Found in Children (ADDitude Magazine)

Costly Schooling by Matt Carroll, The Boston Globe

Special Education mediation is an alternative to litigation (Times of Trenton – NJ)

Special-Ed Funds Redirected by Anne Marie Chaker, Wall Street Journal

—December 2009—

Girl's wish: N.J. Study of Reading Disorders by Rita Giordano, Philadelphia Inquirer

UK: All Prisoners to be Tested for ADHD by Amelia Hill, Guardian UK

Dyslexia: Some Very Smart Accomplished People Cannot Read Well (Science Daily)

NJ Measure Would Benefit Reading-Disabled Students by Bruce Shipkowski

UK: Teachers Should Stop Labeling Children as Dyslexic, Say MPs by Laura Clark, Guardian UK

Studying Young Minds, and How to Teach Them by Benedict Carey, New York Times

Study May Show Whether Neurofeedback Helps People with ADHD and Other Disorders by Katherine Ellison, Washington Post

Co-teaching Integrates Special Education Students in Traditional Classrooms by Dave Haney

UK: Parents of Children with Special Educational Needs Feel Let Down by System by Polly Curtis, Guardian UK

Canada: Suspensions on the Rise for Special-Needs Students (Ottawa Citizen)

Lawmakers Seek Halt to Abuses of Disabled Kids in School by Joseph Shapiro, NPR

Google to Add Captions, Improving YouTube Videos by Miguel Helft, New York Times

Amazon's Kindle to Add Features for Vision-Impaired

A Fair Shake by Sarah Palermo, The Keene Sentinel (NH)

Rising Tide: Therapeutic Riding by Marci Moreau, The Martha’s Vineyard Times

Opinion: Over-Punishment in Schools (New York Times)

Teaching the ABCs of Crucial Social Skills by Emma Brown, Washington Post

—November 2009—

Early Exposure to Smoke, Lead Increase ADHD Risk by Tiffany Sharples O’Callahan, Time Magazine Wellness Blog

Program provides disabled students with independence by Rachel Platis, The Daily Texan

New Brain Findings On Dyslexic Children: Good Readers Learn From Repeating Auditory Signals, Poor Readers Do Not

Does Your Child Dislike Reading? by Dr. Myron Wasiuta

Schools Shun Kindle, Saying Blind Can’t Use It by Rachel Metz, Sci-Tech Today

OH Firm's "Playaway" a Runaway Hit at Libraries by Angela Gartner, Sun Star Courier

A camera that reads text aloud by Jon Fortt, CNN Money

Dyslexia May Make It Tough to Tune Out School Noise (US News & World Report)

Teacher Up For National Award for Special-Ed Work by Jesse Yeatman, Washington Post

Coping With and Diagnosing ADD and ADHD by Erin Logan

Change IDEA, task force says (Washington Times)

Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills: New Insights Into Autism by Faith Brynie, Psychology Today

Flint Township college student recognized for overcoming learning disability and ADHD by Beata Mostafavi (Flint, MI)

Houdini’s Gift Book Review (ADDitude Magazine)

A Different Sort of Genius

—October 2009—

Dyslexic Author Offers a Different Outlook for Kids Who Don't Fit In by Tony Lystra, Daily News

Settlement to Aid OH Special-Needs Education by Catherine Candinsky, Columbus Dispatch

Dyslexia More Complicated for Chinese, HealthDay News

US Illiteracy: Why Johnny Still Can’t Read by Greg Toppo, USA Today

On Winning a Nobel Prize in Science by Claudia Dreifus, New York Times

Opinion: Lift the Charter School Cap, Create More Special-Ed Charters by Leonard Goldberg, New York Daily News

Parents, educators experience dyslexia by Jacob Lammers, News Herald (OH)

Carol Greider wins Nobel Medicine Prize despite dyslexia

Tiny Lake Oswego school takes on learning disabilities by Su-jin Yim, The Oregonian

Funds OK'd for Early Special Education in Baltimore by Arin Gencer, Baltimore Sun

Students with Learning Disabilities, ADD Overcome Obstacles in One-Room School by Kevin Smetana, St. Petersburg Times

ADHD: It's Not Just a Kids' Problem by Joy Batteh-Freiha, Florida Times Union

For a College Applicant with a Learning Disability, Additional Hurdles by Theo Emery, New York Times

DC Parents Decry Move against Private School by Michael Bimbaum, Washington Post

Arizona Educator Sets an Example by Alex Bloom, Arizona Republic

—September 2009—

Brain Scans Link ADHD to Biological Flaw Linked to Motivation by Katherine Ellison, Washington Post

Childhood apraxia of speech brings years of hard work by Pohla Smith, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Opinion: Funding may push special ed labeling by Jay P. Greene and Marcus A. Winters

AFL-CIO resolutions give boost to inclusion by Elwin Green, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

D.C. to Ask Judge to Dismiss Special Education Court Order by Bill Turque, Washington Post

The National Review: Special Education Needs Help by Jay P. Greene, NPR

Viewpoint: Developing reading skills is critical to academic success by Kathy Saltzman, Woodbury Bulletin

New Kit Allows for At-Home Autism Diagnosis by Shaun Heasley, Disability Scoop

Parents win battle to save special-education program by Kristin Rushowy, The Toronto Star

Federal stimulus helps special ed, struggling kids in Portland area by Betsy Hammond, The Oregonian

Federal stimulus helps special ed, struggling kids in Portland by Betsy Hammond, The Oregonian

Attention-Deficit Child Deserves to Have Choices by Marguerite Kelly, Washington Post

Literacy for Life: Teacher Can Relate to Students' Reading Problems by Teri Vance, Nevada Appeal

UK: ADHD Brain Chemistry Clue Found (BBC News)

Full Spectrum Living by Jill Cornfield, Autism Vox

Too Many Students ‘Graduate to the Living Room’ by Barbara Shelly, Kansas City Star

Special Education: Public schools pressed to pay for private schooling by Bonnie Miller Rubin, Chicago Tribune

Help for College Students with ADHD by Keath Low

Deficits in brain’s reward system observed in ADHD patients (Upton, NY)

Rookie Davis overcomes learning disability to make 49ers as No. 3 quarterback by Janie McCauley, Los Angeles Times

Vouchers control special ed growth by Jay P. Greene and Marcus A. Winters, The Tampa Tribune

UK: ADHD ‘queue jumpers’ spark debate (BBC News)

Opinion: Why IEP meetings should always be taped

—August 2009—

1 Child Left Behind by Rex W. Huppke, Chicago Tribune

Breaking Through Reading Barriers by Bridget McCrea, T.H.E. Journal

Age-Old Problem, Perpetually Absent Solution: Fitting Special Education to Students' Needs by Jay Mathews, Washington Post

Education Secretary Addresses Special Education Leaders by Christina A. Samuels, Education Week

McKay Scholarships Keep Some Students from Being Labeled Learning Disabled, Report Says, Orlando Sentinel

Take a Break: Dancing Around Dyslexia (Albany, NY)

Special Education Vouchers Could Cut Costs, Reduce Diagnoses by Shaun Heasley, Disability Scoop

Duncan Breaks Silence On Special Ed

Autism Speaks Toning Down Talk on Vaccines by Michelle Diament, Disability Scoop

Test kids with epilepsy early to spot learning disabilities by Mary Brophy Marcus, USA Today

Funding boost for schools has parents fearing worst for special education by Lori Higgins, Free Press

A Special Education by Bruce Lieberman, San Diego Union-Tribune

Opinion: End Discriminatory Ban on Special Education at Religious Schools by Michael Bindas, Seattle Times

New Test Spots Dyslexia Early by Denise Dador, ABC News

Faith, Science, and the Autism-Vaccine Wars by Lisa Jo Rudy

Asperger’s Hits the Big Screen by Shaun Heasley, Disability Scoop

“I Urge You to Ensure that Every Student in Every School is Safe and Protected” from Wrights Law

Autism Study Finds Visual Processing ‘Hinders Ability’ to Read Body Language

—July 2009—

D.C. Schools Penalized on Special Ed by Christina A. Samuels, Education Week

Legal Briefs from Matt Cohen: July 2009 (LD Online)

The State of Learning Disabilities 2009 from National Center for Learning Disabilities

Picks Named for High Ed. Dept. Positions by Sean Cavanaugh and Christina A. Samuels, Education Week

The Reading Writing Connection in Jackson helps people with dyslexia by Monetta Harr, Jackson City Patriot

Man Helps Others With Disabilities Earn their Degrees by Jennifer Dunville, The Daily Gleaner (Canada)

Education Ills: Don’t Rule Out Dyslexia by Debbie Copple, The Ledger

Celebrities with Special Needs: Daniel Radcliffe, Dyspraxia by Honey Denson

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Gives Priority to Special Education by Rick Wills, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Fair Play on Special Education, The Seattle Times

Federal Ban Sought on Student Restraint by Robert Tomsho, Wall Street Journal

Countdown to College: What’s Available to LD Students by Lee Bierer, The Modesto Bee

Call Congress to Support Autism Insurance

Autoimmune Disorders in Mothers: More to Worry About? by Kristina Chew

Disability Groups Urge Confirmation of Satomayor Based on Extensive Disability Rights Records

Autism Brings Moms a Whole New Level of Stress, Study Says by Michelle Diament, Disability Scoop

Proprioception and the Brain by Kristina Chew

Applied Behavior Analysis: Educational or Medical?

—June 2009—

The State of Learning Disabilities (2009) by Candace Cortiella, The Advocacy Institute

Supreme Court Favors Parents in Battle Over Special Education Tuition by Robert Barnes and Nelson Hernandez, Washington Post

Duncan Offers Stimulus Funds for States to Develop Rigorous Assessments Linked to Common Standards

Equal Access to Charter Schools (Denver Post)

Special Education Bill Opens Access to Classrooms by Rex W. Huppke, Chicago Tribune

Is Child with Passing Grades Eligible for Special Education Under IDEA? (Wright’s Law)

Action urged for ‘kids in the middle’ – Special needs students falling through the cracks by Eva Ferguson, Calgary Herald

EDITORIAL: Avoid another classroom ‘firestorm’ (Palm Beach Post)

School Shut Disabled Kids in Padded Room by Pat Kossan, AZ Central

Students with disabilities finding that higher education is in their grasp by Cathryn Stout, Memphis Commercial Appeal

Can the School Be Forced to Evaluate a Child? (Wright’s Law)

The Limitations of Public Schools by Kristina Chew,

Scoop Essentials: IEPs Inside Out by Michelle Diament, Disability Scoop

Special Education Students Left Out of High School Yearbook by Michelle Diament, Disability Scoop

Alternative Testing on the Rise by Michael Alison Chandler, Washington Post

More Students on the Spectrum, More Lawsuits… by Kristina Chew,

Opinion: State must have explicit rules for restraining kids (Arizona Daily Star)

Where Does Judge Sonia Sotomayor Stand on School Issues? by Zach Miners, U.S. News and World Report

Learning the Language: Trend Watch – Response to Intervention and ELLs

Special Ed Students Left Out of Madera High Yearbook by Chris Collins, Fresno Bee

—April 2009—

Recession Hits Students Who Need Jobs for Diplomas by Desiree Hunter

Positive Behavior Support Can Improve Class Climate by Ronald C. Lewis, Houston Chronicle

Senate Votes to Cut Hundreds of Millions from K-12 Spending by Norman Draper, Star Tribune

Duncan Spells Out Preferred Uses of Stimulus Aid by Michele McNeil, Education Week

Opinion: Promises Made in K-12 Education Are Promises Broken by Randy Dorn, The Olympian

The Covering Up of Autism. Just What is Going On? by Christina England, American Chronicle

Homeschooling: Withdrawing Kid During Term OK by Michael Smith, Washington Times

Childhood Cancer Survivors Have Special Needs by Pamela Fayerman, Vancouver Sun

—March 2009—

Special Ed Stimulus Money Raising Cautions by Christina A. Samuels

Obama’s Merit Pay Idea Gets Skeptical Eye by Aaron Wasserman, Daily News

Autism and Education: Who should we focus on—my disabled son or my gifted girl? by Stephanie Lindsley, Newsweek   

Obama to Unveil First Piece of Education Plan

Stimulus Funds to Reach Schools Within Weeks by Daniel de Vise, Washington Post

Seattle Special Ed Teachers Suspended for Refusal to Give Test by Marc Ramirez, Seattle Times

SD Panel Holds Bill to End Cigarette-Tax Earmarks by Terry Woster,

Program Pairs Special Education, Gifted Students by Chau Lam, Newsday

An Interview with Governor Thomas H. Kean by Kristin Nozell, NCLD

Census Bureau Releases Latest Americans with Disabilities Report

Education Department to Distribute $44 Billion in Stimulus Funds in 30 to 45 Days

—February 2009—

Study: No Child Left Behind rules looser in Minnesota by Emily Johns, Star Tribune

Lights Out At School For At-Risk D.C. Kids by Bill Turque, Washington Post

$3.6 billion for education in Pennsylvania by Eleanor Chute, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Stimulus Aid Coming for Poor, Disabled Students by Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle

Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, Court Finds by Shankar Vedantam, Washington Post

'The Autism & Special Education Law Coloring Book': New Book Combines Interactive Guide for Parents with Whimsical Children's Story

Nation's schools would get $106 billion from federal economic stimulus package by Seema Mehta and Jason Song, Los Angeles Times

Special Education Suit Stands Against DC Schools

Cuts May Mean Shorter School Year by Lisa Schencker, The Salt Lake Tribune

Trimmed Bill Still Offers Vast Sums for Education by Sam Dillon, New York Times

Stimulus Plan May Boost Governors' Clout by David J. Hoff, Education News

Education and Inspiration: New Special Ed Law Clinic Assists Families


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