Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

Depression in Children and Adolescents

Depression is a Treatable Illness: a Patient's Guide

Facts About Childhood-Onset Bipolar Disorder

Pendulum Bipolar Disorder News and Resources

STARFISH Advocacy Association

The Student with Bipolar Disorder – An Educator’s Guide

Brain Abnormalities Associated With Bipolar Disorder

What Areas of the Brain May Show Abnormalities in Childhood Bipolar Disorder?

Dealing with Cognitive Dysfunction Associated with Psychiatric Disabilities

Accommodating Students with Mood Lability: Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Accommodating Medication Side Effects

The Educational Issues of Students with Bipolar Disorder

Educating the Child with Bipolar Disorder

Symptoms and Accommodations for Students with Bipolar Disorder

The IDEA Classification Debate: ED or OHI?

Educator's Guide To Receiving Bipolar Students After Hospitalization

Child to Adult: The Bridging Dilemma


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