Math & Learning Disabilities

Teaching Mathematics Meaningfully: Solutions for Reaching Struggling Learners by Allsopp, David H., Kyger, Maggie M., & Lovin, LouAnn, H. (2007)

Why Is Math So Hard for Some Children? The Nature and Origins of Mathematical Learning Difficulties and Disabilities by Berch, Daniel B. & Mazzocco, Michelle M.M (2007)


Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills (Second Edition) by Birsh, J.R. (ed) (2005)

Teaching Struggling and At-Risk Readers: A Direct Instruction Approach by Carnine, Douglas W., Silbert, Jerry, Kame enui, Edward. J., Tarver, Sara. G., & Jungjohann (2006)

The Secret Life of the Dyslexic Child,  by Frank, Robert (2002)

Evidence-Based Reading Practices for Response to Intervention by Haager, Diane, Klinger, Janette, & Vaughn, Sharon (2007)

Straight Talk About Reading: How Parents Can Make a Difference in the Early Years by Hall, Susan.L. & Moats, Louisa C. (1999)

Powerful Writing Strategies for All Students by Harris, Karen R., Graham, Steve, Mason, Linda H. & Friedlander, Barbara. (2008)

Effective Decoding & Spelling Instruction by Henry, Marcia K. (2003)

Teaching Reading Comprehension to Students with Learning Difficulties by Klinger, Janette K., Vaughn, Sharon, & Boardman, Alison. (2007)

The Human Side of Dyslexia by Kurnoff, Sirley (2000)

The Voice of Evidence in Reading Research by McCardle, Peggy & Chhabra,Vinita (eds.) (2004)

Teaching Reading to Struggling Learners by Minskoff, Esther (2005)

Speech to Print: Language Essential for Teachers by Moats, Louisa Cook, (2000)

The Between the Lions Book for Parents by Rath, Linda K. & Kennedy, Louise (2004)

Overcoming Dyslexia, A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level by Shaywitz, Sally (2003)

What Reading Research Tells Us About Children with Diverse Learning Needs by Simmons, Deborah C. & Kameenui, Edward J. (eds) (1998)

Teaching Kids to Read for Dummies by Woods, Tracy (2004)

Adolescents & Adults

Learning Disabilities in Adulthood: Persisting Problems and Evolving Issues by Gerber, Paul & Reiff, Henry (1994)

Going to College: Expanding Opportunities for People with Disabilities by Getzel, Elizabeth Evans and Wehman, Paul (2005)

Academic Success Strategies for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities and ADHD by Minskoff, Esther & Allsopp, David (2003)

Survival Guide for College Students with ADHD and LD (2nd ed) by Nadeau, Kathleen G. (2006)

Exceeding Expectations: Successful Adults with Learning Disabilities by Reiff, Henry.B., Gerber, Paul.J., & Ginsberg, Rick (1997)

Self-Advocacy Skills for Students with Learning Disabilities: Making It Happen in College and Beyond by Reiff, Henry B. (2007)

Meeting the Challenge of Learning Disabilities in Adulthood by Roffman, A.J. (2000)

Life Beyond the Classroom: Transition Strategies for Young People with Disabilities (4th edition) by Wehman, Paul (2006)

Learning Disabilities & Special Education

Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives by Bateman, B.D. & Herr, C.M. (2003)

The Power of Resilience: Achieving Balance, Confidence, and Personal Strength in Your Life by Brookes, Robert & Goldstein, Sam (2004)

Minority Students in Special and Gifted Education by Donovan, M. Suzanne & Cross, Christopher T. (eds)

Learning Disabilities: From Identification to Intervention by Fletcher, Jack M., Lyon, G. R., Fuchs, Lynn, & Barnes, Marcia A. (2007)

Driving Change in Special Education by Gallagher, James. J. (2006)

New Directions in Special Education: Eliminating Ableism in Policy and Practice by Hehir, Thomas (2005)

Educational Reform: Bright People Sometimes Say Stupid Things about Education by Kauffman, James M. (2002)

Temperament in the Classroom: Understanding Individual Differences by Keogh, Barbara K. (2003)

Learning Disabilities and Related Disorders: Characteristics and Teaching Strategies (Tenth Edition) by Lerner, Janet W. & Kline, Frank (2006)

The Myth of Laziness by Levine, Mel (2003)

Racial Inequality in Special Education by Losen, Daniel J. & Orfield, Gary (eds) (2002)

Learning Disabilities: Bridging the Gap between Research and Classroom Practice by McNamara, Barry Edwards (2007)

RTI: A Practitioner's Guide to Implementing Response to Intervention by Mellard, Daryl. F. & Johnson, Evelyn (2008)

Executive Function in Education: From Theory to Practice. by Meltzer, Lynn (ed.) (2007)

Brain, Behavior and Learning in Language and Reading Disorders by Mody, Maria & Elaine, Silliman R. (eds) (2008)

Clear Thinking with Psychology: Separating Sense from Nonsense by Ruscio, John (2002)

The Power of the Arts: Creative Strategies for Teaching Exceptional Learners by Smith, Sally (2001)

The Inclusive Classroom: Strategies For Effective Instruction by Mastropieri, Margo & Scruggs, Tom (2000)

Meeting the Challenge: Special Education Tools that Work for All Kids by Ralabate, Patti (2002)

Scientific Research in Education by Shavelson, R.J. & Town, L. (eds) (2002)

Handbook of Learning Disabilities by Swanson, H. Lee, Harris, Karen, R. & Graham, Steve (eds) (2003)

Learning Disabilities and ADHD: A Family Guide To Living And Learning Together by Osman, B.B. (1997)

Parents & Personal Stories

A Special Education: One Family's Journey through the Maze of Learning Disabilities by Buchman, Dana (2006)

Laughing Allegra by Ford, Anne & Thompson, John-Richard (2003)

On Their Own: Creating an Independent Future for Your Adult Child with Learning Disabilities and ADHD by Ford, Anne & Thompson, John-Richard (2007)

Listening to the Experts: Students with Disabilities Speak Out by Keefe, Elizabeth B., Moore, Veronica M. & Duff, Frances R. (2006)

On Being L.D.: Perspectives and Strategies of Young Adults by Murphy, Stephen T. (1992)

Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book: What you can do now to advocate for your exceptional child's education by Weinfeld, Rich & Davis, Michelle (2008)


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