—for parents—

Playing, Laughing and Learning with Children on the Autism Spectrum by Julia Moor

Replays: Using Play to Enhance Emotional and Behavioral Development for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Karen Levine and Naomi Chedd

Seven Steps to Improve Your Child's Social Skills by Kristy Hagar, Ph.D., Sam Goldstein, Ph.D., Robert Brooks, Ph.D.

Please Don't Call My Mother! How Parents and Schools Can Team Up to Get Kids Back on Track by John Lazares and Coleen Armstrong

Put Yourself in Their Shoes: Understanding Teenagers With Attention Deficit Hyperactvitiy Disorder by Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D.

ADHD: 102 Strategies for Reducing the Deficit by Kim “Tip” Frank, Ed.S., L.P.C. and Susan J. Smith-Rex, Ed.D.

Many Ways to Learn:Young People's Guide to Learning Disabilities by Judith Stern, M.A. and Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D.

ADHD: A Complete and Authoritative Guide by Michael I. Reiff, M.D., F.A.A.P.

ADHD Grown Up: A Guide to Adolescent and Adult ADHD by Joel L. Young, M.D.

All About Attention Deficit Disorder: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment: Children and Adults by Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D.

Attention Please! A Comprehensive Guide for Parenting Children with Attention Disorders and Hyperactivity by Edna D. Copeland and Valerie L. Love

Fathering the ADHD Child: A Book for Fathers, Mothers, and Professionals by Edward H. Jacobs

Living with the Active Alert Child Groundbreaking Strategies for Parents by Linda Budd, Ph.D.

Making the System Work for Your Child with ADHD by Peter S. Jensen

It's Time for School! Building Quality ABA Educational Programs for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook: Ready-to-Use Strategies & Activities for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities by Joan M. Harwell


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